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In The Heat Of The Night

In The Heat Of The Night
Theater Wit
1229 W Belmont Ave Chicago

In The Heat Of The Night recounts the classic, highly charged story of an African American police officer asked to investigate a murder in a racially hostile southern town. It's a torrid night in 1965 Argo, Alabama when a dead white man is found. The local.... Read More

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The Life of Galileo

Blinded By Science: Disturbing the Universe in The Life of Galileo

The word "science" calls forth many images. Henrik Ibsen cast it as the hero in An Enemy of the People, and Friedrich Durrenmatt, the villain in The Physicists. Its popular synonym, "technology," can be applied to Jonas Salk's polio vaccine or J. Robert Oppenheimer's atomic bomb. Are.... Read More
The Explorers Club - Windy City Playhouse

Stupid Scientific Expeditions: Victorian Souvenirs in The Explorers Club

There was the moose in Lincoln Park's John Barleycorn pub, and the wild boar in Boystown's Chaps that once led a young cowboy to stand at full height atop a bar stool for a head-on view of the fierce.... Read More