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The Other Place

The Other Place
Profiles Theatre - The Main Stage
4139 N. Broadway Chicago

In Sharr White's acclaimed new drama The Other Place, Juliana Smithton, a successful neurologist, finds her life coming apart at the seams. Her husband filed for divorce, her daughter eloped with a much older man and her own health hangs in jeopardy. But in this brilliantly.... Read More

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Dead Broads Yapping
The Public House Theatre
Scenes From An Execution
Royal George Theatre
Jesus Christ Superstar
No Exit Cafe
The Frontier
Two Trains Running
Goodman Theatre
The Full Monty
Theater Wit
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Jedlicka Performing Arts Center
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   Performance Spotlight
A Nice Indian Boy

Star-Crossed In South Asia: Nice Indian Boy's Bollywood Connection

Despite having been written over four hundred years ago, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is still invoked by star-crossed young romantics confronted with family opposition. The myth underscoring the courtship of the interracial same-sex sweethearts in.... Read More
Accidentally Like a Martyr

Mix-Master At Work: Tending Bar in Accidentally, Like a Martyr

The frontier traditions shaping our nation's culture declare a saloon to be more than simply a liquor dispensary, instead ranking alongside the town church as a community social center, serving as ballroom, hotel, dining.... Read More